Why Preschool?

In reality, quality preschool education plays a crucial role in sustainable poverty alleviation, particularly in bilingual regions and disadvantaged households. Children from these backgrounds often lack educational support at home due to factors like their parents’ low literacy levels, household poverty, and societal challenges. Consequently, having access to a high-quality educational environment at school is vital for the development and future success of these children.

انجمن حمایت از کودکان مستعد به تحصیل تبریز, حکمت

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The achievement of sustainable development goals relies heavily on the foundational principle of investing in education, particularly in the education of children. This goal cannot be realized without addressing the crucial issues of educational inequality and discrimination, ensuring that all children have access to free and equitable education.

In accordance with this principle, the Tabriz Children’s Support Association, known as Hekmat, was officially and legally registered in 2015. It operates as a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization with the registration number 2920 and National ID number 14006033984.

In the initial phase, “Preschool Education” assumes a crucial significance in the realm of education, sparking debates on its nature of being optional and not freely accessible. This, in turn, poses challenges to achieving educational equity, capturing the attention of the community.

The economic and social poverty experienced by disadvantaged families prevented them from registering, as they lacked the financial means to do so.

With the presence of marginalized and immigrant populations, as well as bilingualism in Tabriz, the Hikmat Association has recognized the need to enhance social awareness on these crucial issues.

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